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We believe that very different people can find a common language through art and creative self-expression


The International Festival of Queer Culture 2009

What is queer?

Modern art is impossible without what is known in the West as "Queer Art". "Queer" translates into Russian as "strange, somewhat eccentric, not ordinary". The concept "queer" has no solid, specific traits. It has many interpretations, but one general underlying theme - queer aspires to expand the rigid frameworks surrounding social stereotypes and stereotypes of identity.

Queer is uniting, not dividing

Queer is anti-stigma

Queer is lack of labels

Queer is a celebration of diversity

The world in which we live is rich and beautiful with the diversity of various cultures, identities, sexualities, self-expressions. All of us are different but we are united by one language - the language of art, and by common values - values of love, tolerance and mutual respect.

The aim of our Festival is to unite the most different people around constructive creativity, common values, and positive emotions.

The Festival includes a number of events with participation by Russian and international poets, photographers, musicians, actors, dancers, masters of body art and many others. We will also have seminars and discussions on socially significant topics.

We believe that participation in the Festival will be a wonderful chance for self-expression, as well as simply an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

The International Festival of Queer Culture will take place in St. Petersburg for the first time in September 2009.