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About Us

We are students, translators, programmers, teachers, designers, artists...

We are white and dark, representatives of sexual minorities and heterosexuals, young and mature, Russian and representatives of other countries.

We represent a wide spectre of public and social organizations and initiative groups of St. Petersburg

We are people who are indifferent to their present and ready to work to change their future.

We believe that openness and unification are best ways to mutual undersanding and creation of a truly tolerant society in which the values of love, peace, and mutual respect are guiding principles of every person.

We believe that very different people can find a common language through art and creative self-expression.

Queer culture is an integral part of life of St. Petersburg. Itís as diverse as the people who create it. We believe that time has come to become visible.

Join our celebration of diversity! We will be happy to see everyone at our common Festival and hope that it will become a good tradition in the future.

The Organizing Committee of the Festival of Queer Culture